SCT - 5301 Universal Motor Oil 20W-50 Engine Oil

Size: 5L
Sale price£25.49
Universal economy-class engine oil, which is a mixture of synthetic components and a high purity mineral base, for modern highly accelerated petrol and diesel engines with and without a turbocharger used in difficult operating conditions and engines with a very high mileage used in various operating conditions.

Product properties:
  • Reduces the leakage probability and maintains the required oil pressure even for engines with a high mileage due to stable viscosity and excellent compatibility with sealing materials;
  • Low volatility decreases oil consumption through burning;
  • A thoroughly balanced additive package ensures an efficient service of an engine in all modes of operation: cold start, increased load (off-road and uphill driving, towing, driving with maximum load) and in high-temperature ambient conditions;
  • Long-lasting oil film effectively protects from wear, reduces friction and prevents corrosion;
  • Ensures reliable lubrication of all engine components under all operating conditions;
  • Low ash content and good detergent and dispersing properties minimise the soot and carbon formation and keep engine components clean throughout the entire interval between replacements;
  • Natural antioxidants effectively resist ageing.
Designed for the maximum protection of modern petrol and diesel engines of a wide car fleet (passenger cars, light SUVs, minibuses and light trucks) from Russian, European and other manufacturers.
SAE 20W-50

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