SCT 9370 Manual Steel Pressure Sprayer

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How to use and maintain stainless steel sprayer

How to fill

  1. Turn pump piston handle to left, then detach pump assembly from the tank body.
    2. Pour water or solution into tank through the funnel opening. Do not fill more than 3/4 full.
    3. Return pump assembly to the tank. Turn the piston handle to the right side until it is locked securely.
    4. Pump the piston up and down until tank is pressurized. Check the pressure gauge to avoid over pressurizing.
    5. Press the piston grip cock (trigger ) to commence spraying. The spray can be adjusted by turning the nozzle.
    6. Lift the pressure relief valve to remove air pressure gradually after spraying is complete.

How to clean

  1. Empty contents, after releasing pressure from tank. Fill tank with clean water, pressurize and spray. Empty tank and repeat process again.
    2. Note: some products may remain in the sprayer in small traces after cleaning. Check manufacturer’s instructions before using sprayer again.


    1. Remove pump assembly from cylinder. Clean cylinder surfaces and gaskets. Apply lubricant.
    2. Replace with new o-ring gasket if worn or damaged.


    1. Air or liquid leak around pump assembly: Check cylinder gasket by removing pump assembly. Remove gasket. Clean gasket and surfaces of pump cylinder and tank where gasket seats. Replace gasket if worn and damaged.
    2. Sprayer does not pressurize: Check o-ring gasket. If worn or broken, replace. Check one way valve at bottom of pump cylinder. If worn or damaged. Replace.
    3. Sprayer does not spray: Check nozzle and hose and pick up tube for blockages. Clear blockages.


    1. Release pressure after each use, even if you are going to commence spraying again in a few minutes.
    2. Strain any mixtures that have sediments or wettable powders. Strain through a fine sieve or cloth.
    3. Release pressure before removing pump assembly.
    4. Do not pressurize using any other means other than pumping.
    5. Never put any flammable materials in the sprayer tank.
    6. Read manufacturer’s instructions carefully of any product that you wish to spray.
    7. If the sprayer is used for weed killer, be aware that small traces may remain in the sprayer. It is recommended that the sprayer can then only be used for weed killer.

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