TotalEnergies - 214109 QUARTZ 7000 10W-40 Engine Oil 5L

Size: 1L
Sale price£10.71
Quartz 7000 is part of a range of semi-synthetic products, providing effective and impeccable engine cleanliness. Fighting against major causes of breakdowns, Quartz 7000 with Clean-Shield technology is the oil of choice across the globe to guarantee engine cleanliness during the entire drain interval and after oil change.

This synthetic based engine oil for gasoline and Diesel engines perfectly adapted to vehicles equipped with catalysts and using unleaded fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, and also bio-diesel.

This motor oil is particularly suited to turbocharged and multi-valve engines, and suitable for normal driving conditions.

Features & Benefits
  • Manufacturers Standards: TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 10W-40 satisfies rigorous manufacturers standards (see above), while guaranteeing perfect and constant quality.
  • Advanced Cleanliness, even in extreme conditions, Normal Saps compatibility, Synthetic technology (Semi-synthetic) and OEM claims.
  • Resistance to Oxidation: Thanks to the good quality of its base oils and additives, TOTAL QUARTZ 7000 10W-40 provides a specific resistance to oxidation.
  • Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil ensures good engine cleanliness , reducing particle accumulation in the motor via efficient dispersant power.
  • Long-term wear Protection: Long-term wear protection of engine parts (distribution, ring, plunger and liner) increasing engine life.


PSA B71 2300 (backward compatible PSA B71 2294)

VW 501.01/505.00
RENAULT RN 0700/0710
FIAT 9.55535-G2
Meets the requirements of: MB 229.3

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