TotalEnergies - QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 Engine Oil

Size: 1L
Sale price£13.49
TOTAL QUARTZ RACING 10W-50 is particularly suitable for turbo-compressed and multi-valved engines.

This oil delivers an exceptional anti-wear protection of the engines, especially in the severest conditions of use reducing internal engine friction even under the most arduous conditions.

Thanks to its fully synthetic formulation, this engine oil has an exceptional viscosity index and maintains the most resistant oil film even at high temperatures.

Benefits Include:
  • Motor oil for optimal performances in extreme conditions.
  • Very high-tech for magnified engine performance and a very sporty drive.
  • Very high viscosity index and detergency and dispersancy.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation and resistance to oxidation.
  • Excellent resistance of the oil film at high temperatures.
  • Very good Anti-wear, anticorrosion, antirust and antifoaming properties.

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