WD-40 - Specialist Silicone Spray with Smart Straw - 400ml

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A High-Performance Silicone spray lubricant which is great for use on high-pressure equipment. It displaces moisture and provides excellent lubrication, protecting and extending the life of your tools and equipment. As the spray is silicone-based, it’s perfect for using on rubber parts like pipes, window seals, plumbing fittings and belts. You can even use it on metal, plastic and wood, without it leaving a stain.
As well as protecting your tools and machines from rust, our Silicone Lubricant will repel dust, dirt, oil and grime. This is useful against dirt build-up that can create damaging residues. With just a coat of Silicone Lubricant, you can be sure that things will stay clean and conditioned, and functioning smoother for longer.
WD-40 works in challenging conditions, so our lubricant will perform in most types of weather, and all-year round. It’s designed to keep working in temperatures ranging from -35°C to +200°C.
With the Smart Straw applicator, you’ve got two ways to spray; use the flip up straw for hard to reach areas, such as inside chains, locks or rollers, then flip it down to use the wide angle spray eye for area coverage on surfaces. Whichever way you need to spray, you can rely on the clever 360° valve to work efficiently at every angle, even upside down.
• Waterproofs and protects against moisture
• Prevents rust and corrosion
• Prevents parts from sticking and binding
• Specially formulated for improving high-pressure performance
• belts and conveyors
• Improving the running of bearings, guide rails and door runners
• Smoothing linkages
• Doors and hinges
• Lubricating tools
• Improving the performance of valves, locks and hoists
• Protecting car window and door seals
• Protecting uPVC window and door latches

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